Jeff Bezos iPhone X Was Hacked by Saudi Prince?

On the afternoon of 1 May 2018, Jeff Bezos iphone X received a message from the account of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, on WhatsApp. Amazon CEO and creator Jeff Bezos has allegedly compromised his mobile phone after receiving an infected WhatsApp message from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s personal account. 

After digital forensic analysis, it is suspected that a malicious file that could penetrate Jeff Bezos iphone  was included in the encrypted message sent from Mohammed bin Salman’s phone number. The analysis found it “highly probable” that an infected video file sent from the crown prince to Bezos caused the hack. 

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Large amount of data was exfiltrated from Bezos ‘ smartphone within hours, according to a person familiar with the subject, but it is still unclear what data was taken from the device or how it was used. Washington’s Saudi Embassy has said it was “absurd” to accuse the country of being involved in hacking Mr. Jeff Bezos phone.

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