LG G7 ThinQ’s Speaker is Super Laud than Others: A Teaser Suggets

Recent teaser of LG showed that LG G7 ThinQ’s speaker will be ten times lauder than others. The phone will feature “Boombox Speaker” which is said to come with increased sounds levels and bass. This time LG is focusing on high quality.

LG’s teaser shows that the Boombox Speaker is capable of increasing base sound levels by more than 6dB and doubling the amount of bass. Bass levels will be further amplified, when you place phone on a flat surface.

LG G7 ThinQ’s Speaker will be Ten Times Lauder than Rivals

The handset will come with Hi-Fi Quad DAC, something that will have to please many a high-end headphone user, as well as with a support for DTS:X.

Last week, it was revealed that the G7 will have a custom-made, notch-clad ‘Super Bright’ LCD screen, including color temperature and maximum brightness. And now the new teaser gave us a sight of such an amazing feature.

LG didn’t not give more details in it’s teaser, but it shows that the Boombox Speaker builds on a special resonance chamber design within the phone. The teaser suggests that the speaker is somehow using the whole body of device.

Apparently, this will be the first smartphone which will bring 3D surround sound effects at up to 7.1. It has been reported that LG G7 ThinQ will be officially announce on 2nd May. “Boombox Speaker” must be a good news for audio lovers.

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