Makkays Participates in Ideas 2014


Makkays Participates in Ideas 2014

Makkays- a leading technology and enterprise solutions company has participated in the 8th biennial International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS 2014) at the Karachi Expo Centre from 1st December to 4th December 2014. Eighty eight delegations from forty seven countries have participated in the event. Moreover, 333 firms (including both foreign and local) have exhibited their products. Makkays was one of them.

In this event, the company has displayed the state of the art and cutting edge interconnects solutions, network solutions and security & surveillance solutions.

Christophe Tisser and from the world’s leading firm AXON FRANCE(which deals in the designing and manufacturing of high-tech conductors, electronic cables and interconnect solutions critical for military, aeronautics and space applications)has also participated in the event to have an interactive , one-on-one session with Makkays clients. In a bid to provide a live demo of security to its clients, the company has also arranged a complete set of network wired, wireless (connected by Access Points) and on board cameras (supported by 3G/4G Router) powered by the secured PoE switches at its stall f08-f09.

Where the diverse and robust product line, customized solutions, team expertise and consistent service have already garnered the company a nationwide recognition and trust especially in the defense industry of Pakistan,IDEAS 2014 has further facilitated it to serve customers spanning across various other industries and to prove itself as a solution provider and technology front runner in the country.

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