Motorola Moto Infinity Camera Will be Flippable

Motorola is planning to unveil its next flagship smartphone early next year. According to the new video, Motorola Moto Infinity Concept has a flippable selfie camera.
This upcoming handset will have a truly unique hinged camera design that flips 180º from the rear case of the phone to become the selfie camera. Moreover, it has a striking resemblance to the Snapchat logo.

Motorola Moto Infinity Camera to Come with Flippable Technology

Motorola Moto Infinity Camera Will be Flippable
Motorola is one of the brands that have high demand in the industry due to its reliable and durable body build. Other brands are focusing on the delicate smartphones while Motorola is focusing to bring the innovation with the durable body design.
The trend of pop selfie camera was first introduced by the Vivo NEX while the mechanical camera set up by Oppo Find X was also very unique. Now the same concept is being used on the Motorola Moto Infinity and we will see the flippable selfie camera in future by Motorola.
The flippable selfie camera presents above the familiar, circular rear-mounted camera design on the back of the device as we have observed on a number of recent Motorola smartphones such as the Moto G6.
Motorola Moto Infinity Camera Will be Flippable
This handset is comprised of triple camera lens set-up in which one of the cameras flips over at the front to also play the role of selfie camera, that camera lens is of 12MP, 4K video recording, OIS, and PDAF. This triple camera set up is comprised of one of the 12MP wide angle lens + 16MP main camera + 12MP telephoto camera. It makes it a spectacular camera set up.

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