Now Replace your Number With a Unique Tag Using Jazz Tag Service

Now a days when your mind is always occupied with many other things, remembering a phone number is nearly impossible sometimes. Jazz has decided to help it’s users by a unique idea. Now Replace your Number With a Unique Tag Using Jazz Tag Service. The defined Jazz Tag will serve as your number.

Now Replace your Number With a Unique Tag Using Jazz Tag Service

Jazz Tag allows users to create a short, classy and catchy virtual number against your name that is linked to your Jazz number. Rather then telling your friends about the number you can ask them to call on your name tag. For example, #Ali or #Ayesha.  (For calling tag Ali dial #254 from your phone’s dial pad).

How to Subscribe or Un Subscribe Jazz Tag Service:


Un-subscription:  Send Unsub to 6425

Charges of Jazz Tag Service:

Prepaid Charges:Rs.5.98 /week (Incl. tax)

Postpaid Charges:Rs.20+tax/month

Call Charges:Rs.0.50+tax/minute

Premium Tags are available for Rs.500, Rs.1000 & Rs.5000.

How to Set a Jazz Tag for your Number:

Users will get an SMS to set a Jazz Tag. For setting Jazz Tag, reply with your name or digits associated with name e.g. for setting Tag Sana reply with Sana or 7262 (digits on the keypad against these alphabets).

These unique Tags can be assigned to only one number. If another customer requests for same Tag, he/she will get a notification that the requested tag is not available and will get other available options for setting a Tag against their number.

How to Call on Jazz Tag:

To call your friends via Jazz Tag, simply dial #Tag e.g to call Ali, you will dial #Ali or #254.


Only on-net numbers can call on Jazz Tag. Call charges on dialing #tag are Rs.0.5+tax/minute

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