Now You Can Avail Sadqah/Aqiqa Service Online Using Qurbani App

Qurbani App is a local startup from Islamabad that wants to change the landscape of the livestock industry. It is Pakistan’s first dedicated platform for livestock lovers where Vets, Farmers, Mandi Owners, Traders, and Livestock enthusiasts can interconnect with each other and can sell, buy and share their animals. In addition to all this, the App is also providing Sadqah, Aqiqa, Bara and Ijtamae Qurbani Services throughout the year. So, if you want to give Sadqah in this Holy Month Of Ramadan then this surely is a good platform to do so.

Qurbani App- An Online Maveshi Mandi

The local startup was launched back in June 2018 by Ibrahim Bashir, Muhammad Ali Chaudhary, and Sibghatullah Baig. At that time, they were part of the Plan9’s latest 12th cohort. However, now they are currently part of the fourth batch at the National Incubation Centre, Islamabad. This local startup is offerings three services. Let’s have a look at them.

  • A marketplace where individual buyers and sellers can discover and market their cattle
  • Bara service lets you keep your livestock at their farms
  • Sadqa/Aqiqa animals and sacrifice at the convenience of your doorstep
  • Display of official stock from Qurbani’s partner farms

Moreover, this App lets you directly connect with the seller through an in-app chat portal or call. After that, you can negotiate the price and close the deal. It’s very simple. The unique part about the Qurbani App is that Saylani and Alamgir Welfare have been offering home services within the Sadqa/Aqiqa space.

Furthermore, they have five partner farms across the country that ensure their supply and manage their Bara services. However, for Sadqa/Aqiqa service, it’s still limited to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, they also charge a delivery fee for orders beyond a certain radius and weight.

The co-founder of this startup, Ibrahim Bashir stated that:

“Most of these players only operate around Eid and are largely focused just towards the consumers. Our platform, on the other hand, is active all year and we have tried to bring other stakeholders in the supply chain online as well.”

So, if you are fed up of long and boring drives to Mandi then Bring the Maveshi Mandi to your home by just downloading the App. Click here to install it.

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