PTA Formulates Spectrum Framework

Devising a constructive strategy for industry is never an easy task. With the entry of 3G and 4G technologies in Pakistan, this task has become even more complicated for the telecom watchdog “Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)”. Without such significant policies and frameworks, spectrum allocation could not be done in any country. For this purpose, PTA has now formulated a spectrum trading policy in order to permit the markets to ensure the best use of spectrum. PTA has asked the all concerned stakeholders to submit their comments and suggestions till December 5, 2016. PTA Formulates Spectrum Framework.

PTA Formulates Spectrum Framework

The fundamental goal of Telecom Policy 2015, as far as spectrum is concerned, was to allocate and assign the spectrum in order to maximize both the social and economic advantages from use of internet technologies.

The “Section 8.15” of “Telecom Policy 2015” specially deals with the subject of spectrum trading and hence aims at the spectrum trading under specific conditions for the betterment of entire nation.

According to “Spectrum Trading Framework”:

  • Spectrum trading occurs through the outright sale of rights and obligations or term lease, subject to license conditions and approval by PTA and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) under intimation to Frequency Allocation Board (FAB).
  • A spectrum trading framework would be developed by the PTA, PEMRA and FAB, which would be subject to policy level approval by Federal Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT).
  • The factors like spectrum capping would be considered while developing such framework. In relation to trading, the document said seller would be expected to pay a trading fee or processing fee and any other applicable fee would be levied to cover re-issuing of licenses.

Source: Spectrum Trading Framework Document

The “Spectrum Trading Framework” has highlighted all relevant trading terms and conditions in it. For complete details, please download: PTA

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