QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review

QMobile present new model in the Noir sequence that is Z9 Plus. This is thinnest handset in the Noir series. QMobile Noir Z9 Plus is light in weight and stylish in design. When we measure its weight, we get value in few grams that are only 97g. Z9 Plus is thinnest set that you can make best hand grip on the device.

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus

Some fast specifications of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

Weight 97g
Memory 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM
Processor 1.3 GHz Octa core processor
Chipset MediaTek MT6753
Camera 13 MP LED Flash Rear Camera + 5MP Selfie Camera
Display 5.5″ Full IPS HD AMOLED Display
Battery 3150 mAh, Li-ion technology
OS Android Version 5.1
Features Auto Focus, Super Sharp Selfie,Touch Gesture

Z9 Plus is 5.1mm thick that is Surprisingly a small value so you can imagine that how beautiful Z9 plus looks like in hands. Z9 Plus came with fast processor that is 1.3 GHz and that containing Octa core.2G and 3G connectivity seems past because now Z9 Plus has 4G connectivity with the combo of 5.5” HD AMOLED display. This wide display gives you more beautiful image of your connectivity with the world through 4 G technology. When we talk about the Camera, Z9 give us 13 MP Rear cameras and 5 MP Front cameras that give you the best shots. Z9 Plus gives the better performance than its predecessor that is QMobile Z9.

Design and Display of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus is thinnest set in the series. Its stylish and slender design gives you better look than its predecessors. QMobile Noir Z9 Plus comes with better and long lasting design. QMobile Noir Z9 Plus back cover is made of with matte plastic that made it more reliable and protect it from breakage. Z9 Plus screen is protected with Gorilla Glass. QMobile Noir Z9 Plus has removable battery that is a great advantage for all the users. Z9 Plus has 5.5” AMOLED wide screen. The structure of the Z9 Plus is made in a way that use of Z9 Plus is very relaxing for all the users because it also has 3150 mah battery that is durable if use carefully. Z9 Plus front side contain front cam while the back side has 13 MP rear camera with LED flash. On right side of the device there is volume and power key while the left side is plane. On the top of the device there is an audio jack while bottom contain USB port.

Z9 Plus is using Mali-T720 GPU with the resolution of 720 x 1280 that make its color more beautiful and show the realistic mode of the colors. During playing games and watching videos you will realize the true image of the Graphic unit Mali-T720.

Processor of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus has 1.3 GHz Octa Core processor. Octa cores with the combo of 5.1 Android version 5.1 has capability to multitask the program. 1.3 GHz also has the capability to process heavy size applications and also you can enjoy different size games by using any app in the background. Octa cores have 8 different cores in the pairs of 2 that works separately for different apps with different speed.

Memory for QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM that is enough memory for a user to store their important data files, media files and application that used in daily life. But still if you need more memory to store and download number of applications then there is another good option of extended memory is also available in Z9 Plus. So, don’t worry about downloading number of apps, number of games and different extensions data in your Z9 Plus. The expandable memory in QMobile Noir Z9 Plus is up to 200GB.

Camera within QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus has 13 MP rear cam and 5 mp front cam that have good pixels for taking best shots of your daily life moments and also you can capture and save your shots and remember the good days by watching your albums captured through your Z9 Plus cameras. Noir Z9 cameras also work well in different lights. Noir Z9 camera has capability that gives you opportunity to capture your best shots in the single click.

Rear Camera of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus

Front Camera of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus

Battery performance of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

Noir Z9 Plus has 3150 mah battery that is good voltage batteries that keeps you alive for several hours and keep you connected with your loved ones. The battery is good voltage battery and keeps your device turned on until and unless you keep your device continuously in use and the usage is more than the percentage of the charged battery.

Interface Experience for QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review:

QMobile Noir Z9 Plus is running on Android version 5.1 that has the capability of multitasking and has user friendly interface capability. While using the handset, you will notice that there are a lot of functions that are using in the background, but still it is operating all other apps in the normal mode. This is the best thing in this OS that it manage all the running tasks as well as all the other tasks in the background in such a way that no app is taking long time to operate.

Bench Marking QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

Antutu’s approach for QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review:

We benchmark Z9 Plus by using Benchmarking Antutu and we got the result that is shown in screen shots.

Vellamo’s approximation for QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review:

By using Vellamo app, we get different scores for the browser , metal and the core of the device that compare the device with different specifications mobiles.

Checking the (GPU) graphics performance of QMobile Noir Z9 Plus:

We used GPU app for checking the performance of the graphic unit and here we have the result.


Conclusion for QMobile Noir Z9 Plus Review:

If someone want to buy a handset that is comfortable in use and reliable in quality then you must consider QMobile Noir Z9 Plus. QMobile Noir Z9 Plus is not also good in processor but the combination of the OS and the GPU is very good that make you satisfy with the performance of the device. The QMobile Noir Z9 Plus will be a good choice ever for anyone who don’t want a device with low price but with a lot of bugs in terms of Battery, Processor, OS and of other factors.


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  • Everyone i own a Noir z9 and it scores almost the same in benchmark even though it has a less cores and less computing speed so my point is do not buy this phone.
    Noir z9+ 2110 chrome test Metal 992 multi core 1494
    While my Z9 1930 chrome test Metal 809 Multi core 1152
    So there is no real difference
    Same ram Same specs
    The battery may be bigger but so is the screen Buy some phone from Samsung instead.

  • “You can see its very small thickness that is 5.1 mm that is amazingly very small value”
    The website should hire reviewer with an Ielts score of atleast 4.5

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