Samsung Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses will Soon Make its way

The word “foldable” will be quite familiar for our readers, thanks to the hype created by Samsung and Huawei, bringing something new to the smartphone line. Well now that word foldable is a trend, and people are following it. After the foldable phones, Samsung foldable augmented reality glasses are under manufacturing and will soon make its way to market.


We have come across the latest patent of foldable glasses, thanks to the internet. According to the patent, that is submitted to the US Patent and trademark office. It is shown below.

Patent of Samsung Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses

Anyone can guess ita a glasses which has thick frames. That is for sure, as augmented reality glasses will have electronic components. These glasses do not have a power button as it will turn on when the glasses are unfolded. Same like this, it will switch off when glasses are folded.

The projector of the glasses is placed in the temple.  When glasses are in the switch on mode, it will broadcast images on the small display which is placed over the viewer’s field of view. Well, let’s see when this patent will convert into reality. There is also a possibility that this patent will not become a reality. In either case, we have to wait for some time to know more details regarding the device.

Furthermore, if this patent will be turned in to reality there might be many changes just like Samsung smartphones.

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