Samsung Galaxy-A Series 2022 to be Water Resistant

The different news that we have come across till date about the many devices that are queued for the next year are all very promising and exciting. With a recent reporting about Samsung is that the Samsung Galaxy-A Series might be water resistant.

Regarding the Galaxy A-series, we came to know that the devices will be equipped with Exynos chips which utilizes the AMD mRDNA GPU. Furthermore, the cherry on top the Korean company is adding the water resistant feature to the budget lineup.

Galaxy A72 and A52, which were released earlier this year, both are water resistant. In the coming year, it is rumored that at least four of the Samsung Galaxy-A models will be water resistant. Galaxy A33, which is in que for launch next year will also be among the water resistant sets. Galaxy A33 will be a budgeted set, thus it will be the cheapest water proof smartphone.

Samsung with introducing water resistant feature in budget smartphones gets an edge over it competition like Xiaomi.

There is a good chance that with the water resistant feature in budget smartphones might come with a compromise on some other feature, like we recently had a rumor of no audio jack port.

Time will tell how Samsung balances the equation of introducing a high-end feature in a budget handset.

Though the water proof/resistant feature in a budget handset is a feature that is sought by many even if it comes with “a compromise made in the design”, it will still be loved by many.

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