Soon Users will be Able to Recover their Instagram Hacked Accounts

The hackers are so active all the time to hack the accounts of users on different platforms. These digital criminals blackmail the account owners in order to get money or use their private information for illegal purposes. Recently, we heard about the issue of WhatsApp accounts hacking. Well, this is not a new thing. People are suffering from this hacking mechanism on different platforms. Releasing the issue, Instagram is testing a new in-app account recovery process. This process will be helpful to recover the Instagram hacked accounts.

Soon Users will be Able to Recover their Instagram Hacked Accounts

Most Hackers alter the username and contact data, in order to curb this, Instagram is working to introduce a safeguard that will prevent these type of actions. In case any account changes occur, then it will be confirmed whether it is a hack or a voluntary change.

According to the Engadget report:

As part of the new test process, for recovery, users are being asked to fill in their personal information such as their original email address or phone number and later send them a six-digit code to the contact information of their choice

This new method will be helpful to ensure account recovery even if the hacker alters the username and contact information linked to the account. However, It is not clear yet that when the in-app recovery will be available for users but it is certain that this upcoming feature will be functional on both Android users and iOS devices.

It has also been reported that with this new process, Instagram is also intending to stop hackers from using email or phone number codes to take over accounts from different devices.

Currently, users have to wait for a recovery email or fill out a support form to recover a hacked account, which is, in fact, a long and time-consuming process.

I think this process will give users more security and will overcome the troubles making by digital criminals.

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