Tax imposed on Careem & Uber Drivers in Sindh

Now the Careem & Uber riders will have to pay higher fares than the current amount they are paying for the services. The Sindh Government in the financial budget of 2019-20 has announced the increase in the tax of 13% on the income of ride-hailing companies and their drivers. This tax will increase a burden on their already legal income and the increasing fuel prices would discourage them from seeking employment opportunity in online ride-hailing platforms.

Tax imposed on Careem & Uber Drivers in Sindh, no tax in KPK

These online platforms in the Sindh bill have been referred to add cab aggregator. That will, of course, put the burden on the pocket of the riders as the ride-hailing service providers have to increase the fare automatically.

On the other hand, the KPK Govt and finance minister of KPK Taimur Jhagra had imposed no such penalty and allowed drivers to earn their living without imposing any tax on them. The KPK Government levy tax of only 2% on the income of the companies.

What do you think the consequences of such a tax will be eventually passed on to the customers. With increasing fuel prices this might reduce the employment opportunity and there are chances that it can increase the crime rate.

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