Telecom Sector Revenues Reach Rs 452.8 billion During 2015-16 :PTA

Overall telecom sector revenues reached Rs. 452.8 billion during year 2015-16. Which is slightly up from 446.2 billion recorded last year. Telecom sector raised not more than 2% during the year, mostly due to decline in LDI revenues after removal of ICH, increased competition and still growth in voice revenues, data for telecom sector, PTA revealed in its annual report.

Telecom Sector Revenues Reach Rs 452.8 billion During 2015-16 :PTA

Mobile phone also operators made a sum of Rs. 348.83 billion in profits during 2015-16, up from Rs. 317.02 billion during same period previous year. Long Distance International operators generated Rs. 23 million during 2015-16, down from Rs. 80.81 million that they had made a year before. This severe drop in LDI returns is mostly due to removal of International Clearing House (ICH), an initiative that permitted long distance and international operators to fix international incoming call prices at greater rates.

Local loop operators exhibited Rs. 76.415 million in returns during the reported period. Almost double of Rs. 40.765 million that had generated a year ago. Class Value Added Services displayed extraordinary growth and generated Rs43 million in revenues, up from just Rs3.78 million revenues a year ago.

PTA’s credits during the report period stood at Rs 34 billion, up from Rs 7 billion a year ago. According to PTA’s report, it got 38,741 complaints from telephone consumers during July 2015 to June 2016. PTA claimed that it was capable to get 99.6 percent complaints fixed. Total number of complaints against telecos during FY2015-16 stood at 22,866.

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