This is How Social Media Reacted to Careem Cyber Attack

The worst disadvantage of internet is that you are always on risk. Now one of the famous Ride-hailing services, Careem, has suffered from a massive data breech. Cyber attack on Careem Affects 14 Million Customers. The company warned users that their personal data had been compromised in a massive cyber-security breach. Careem Cyber Attack was an unexpected incident and has left people angry.

Careem Cyber Attack: Who is responsible for this now

According to the company, hackers have stolen the sensitive information like customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers and trip history data.

People are not very happy to hear about it as this security breach comes as a surprise for the Careem customers globally. Here how people reacted after hearing the news of Careem Cyber Attack.

This was quite funny by the way. Here is another one:

On serious note, go for it:

Careem Cyber Attack is some thing to worry:

Here is the most disappointed Customer:

Strangely, Careem doesn’t allow you to delete account permanently:

Careem Cyber Attack took place of January, 14 and they inform their customers two months later:

Same Question form another one:

How easy it is for Careem to say that customers should change their credentials immediately. Who would be held responsible for that? People had their credit and debit cards information saved with Careem as well. If you make commercial products, wouldn’t it be your responsibility to secure your networks?

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