Will You Buy These Gold Plated Phones?

With the ever-growing technology, people like to buy Smartphones with great features and design. However, now smartphone has also become a status symbol now. Many people like to buy expensive smartphones just as a status symbol. Definitely many people need to show that they earn more than others which is only possible by carrying luxurious mobile and cars. Keeping in view this a company named Caviar has launched Gold plated phones as a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. It launches smartphones in Gold, Leather, diamonds and  Damascus steel.

Are These Gold Plated Phones Worth Buying?

Though I find these devices very ridiculous but thought of sharing it for people who like to carry such devices as a symbol of being rich. According to the company, there are many people who love to buy their devices. Most of the people who are buying their devices are Russian. So these are the Ultra Luxury phones.

Fine gold Note 9:

This phone somewhat resembles the gold brick with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 embedded in it. The amount of gold used in the device is1kg.  The price of 128 GB version is  $59,040 and 512GB will be $59,270.

iPhone XS diamond edition

iPhone is itself a status symbol and when it comes to a gold plated iPhone from Caviar it becomes a status symbol. 512 GB of iPhone XS Max will charge you $23,940.It is also embedded with Swiss watch with gold plated elements of 252 diamonds that are embedded in the back panel.

Leaders Putin-Trump Peacemakers Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is a cheap mobile phone but when covered with gold it becomes expensive. The gold-plated Nokia 3310 sports a bas-relief that includes Putin and Trump surrounded by an olive wreath and topped by the Dove of Peace.  It costs only $2,620, barely doubles the price of a top-specced iPhone. So why someone will buy it?

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