Xiaomi’s Note 8th Series Launches in Pakistan

Hey, Mi Fans and Lovers! Finally, the 8th series of Xiaomi’s note has launched in Pakistan and the response Xiaomi has received on the launch is unprecedented.

Xiaomi has always known for its pioneering technological innovations in its products. Likewise, Xiaomi has introduced something in Redmi note 8 pro which has been never seen or heard before in this particular segment of the market (smartphone market). Redmi note 8 pro has many exciting features under its belt, besides having quad cameras, this device has something that makes this product stand out among its competitors.

Xiaomi’s Note 8th Series Launches in Pakistan

This feature is something, which is the need of the hour for every gamer and every other person whose work is somehow related to the phone. So without any delay, we would like to reveal a very unique feature yet a solution to a very common problem. This feature is named liquid cooling system and it is the first time that any company has thought that much about its consumers’ comfort and pleasant experience. This solution is specially designed for consumers, facing heating issues during gaming and other working activities.

 Cooling solution by Xiaomi:

This solution will help to reduce the temperature by 4◦C to 6◦C while playing games and working. This will be used to keep the MediaTek Helio G90T, a newly launched chipset, cool when gaming. The Redmi Note 8 Pro is the first phone that is featuring this new chip, which is specifically designed with gaming in mind. Naturally, playing heavy games could cause some heating, so, by keeping this thing in notice Xiaomi has launched this solution to ease the life of its valuable consumers.


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