5 tips to increase your battery life on the upcoming Pouvoir series!

Imagine yourself at a music concert capturing too many pictures, recording videos and going Live on social media. As your joyful evening comes to an end suddenly your phone starts to flash low battery and sadly you cannot use it anymore! Well, we have all gone through this situation many times where our cellphones shut down midway, when we need them the most. Today, various flagship smartphone brands offer advanced handset specifications but fail to deliver their best due to weak battery performance. When we review consumer expectations, we know that the battery life of a product plays an important role in their choice. While making a smartphone purchase, consumers prioritize good battery life handsets to ensure safe and long-lasting experience.

5 tips to increase your battery life on the upcoming Pouvoir series!

The higher the capacity of phone’s battery life, the higher would be its performance. Tech experts reveal that TECNO’s upcoming series “Pouvoir 4” is equipped with 6000mAh battery capacity. It could last for four days just with one single full charge boost!


However, if you still want to save up on your battery, following are the 5 tips for you:

  1. Adjust Your Screen Brightness Manually

Controlling the screen brightness consumes less battery life. If you leave your screen lit up brightly every time you check your emails, text messages or calls it will drain out your battery, unattended.

  1. Turn Off Vibration Mode

Vibration mode should be turned off when not required. According to research, vibration mode consumes more battery than ringing mode. Ringtones doesn’t require weight to shake, like vibrations and could produce enough sound using less power

  1. Balance Your Display Screen Timeout

Most of us do not lock up our screens after using our cell phones.  Setting your phone’s display to timeout after 20 seconds cuts down on power usage as compared to putting it on 2 minutes timeout.

  1. Kill Nonessential Applications

Every app that you open uses a share of the phone’s processor. Apps which you do not close after using end up running in the background and consume more battery power. Henceforth, kill unnecessary apps and remove Home-screen widgets to save up on your battery life.

  1. Turn Off GPS/Location Tracking

Smartphones use GPS i.e. a tiny radio to send and receive satellite signals for deducing your phone’s location on the land. This feature enables you to locate nearby or distant places which you might want to visit through various apps. When you do not require GPS, turn off this feature and conserve your phone’s battery.

TECNO’s Pouvoir 4 series equipped with all these advanced features is rumored to provide an ultimate tech experience. Not only this but Pouvoir 4 comes with upgraded high tech camera, have dual AI lens at the rear and rumored 8MP dual flash camera at the front. Also heard features TECNO’s HI OS 6.0 built on Android Q. TECNO’s upcoming series would soon launch in Pakistan, providing you the best entertainment experience without the hassle of battery timing.



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