AGAHI Inked MOU with IGNITE to Boost Technology

AGAHI is a non profit organization established in Islamabad in 2011. Its basic function is to create non paid communication strategies strategies, content intelligence structures and tools for diverse sectors and organisations. AGAHI Inked MOU with IGNITE to Boost Technology.

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AGAHI has signed Memorandum of understanding with IGNITE National Technology Fund yesterday. The aim behind the collaboration is to prepare the future of Pakistan so that It can lead the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

AGAHI Inked MOU with IGNITE to Boost Technology

Fourth industrial revolution mainly focuses on technologies and ecosystem of development initiatives to cultivate a knowledge economy in Pakistan.

IGNITE– National Technology Fund which is a VC fund focused on fourth industrial wave tech and eco system development initiative to fulfill its mission of creating knowledge economy in Pakistan will facilitate AGAHI by identifying emerging trends.

Yusuf Hussain, CEO of IGNITE, said:

AGAHI would facilitate the team by identifying emerging trends as well as opportunities in developing skills and the curriculum.

The main mission of AGAHI is to advance Pakistan horizons technologically by establishing a lab that will generate knowledge for benefit of students, industry, policy makers, society and academia.

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