Airbus Plans to Build Hydrogen-powered Planes by 2035

According to a report by a French newspaper, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is planning to build the world’s very first hydrogen-powered business airplane into service by 2035.

Airbus Plans to Build Hydrogen-powered Planes by 2035

Hydrogen is a clean fuel as compared to gasoline, emitting just steam, but if it’s green is contingent on the carbon footprint of these fuels used to produce it.

France and other European nations are investing billions of euros for the development of green hydrogen, with the highly polluting transportation industry as a prime place for its intended usage.

The CEO of Airbus Guillaume Faury stated that,

It is our ambition to become the first aircraft maker to enter such a plane into service in 2035.

He further mentioned that the development of decarbonized hydrogen fuel is a “priority axis of development” for Airbus.

Aviation generates around 3 percent of the world’s emissions of CO2, the most significant driver of climate change. Hydrogen use would necessitate need significant design modifications for aircraft since the fuel needs about four times the storage area of kerosene to the same energy content.

The French government has granted 1.5 billion euros ($1.75 billion) to the progression of carbon-free aircraft as part of a service program for the aviation industry, that was brought to its knees by the fallout in the coronavirus pandemic.

In general, France is likely to invest seven billion euros from the creation of hydrogen solutions, together with neighboring Germany granting nine billion dollars for the project.

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