Android Auto is Getting Major Settings Redesign

Over the past few months, Google’s Android Auto platform has got major updates along with its complete redesign. Now, Android Auto is getting an update that will overtake the settings menu on your phone. With its most recent updates, Android Auto got support for a handful of settings directly within the car. However, most of the advanced functions are still inactive within the full Android Auto app that are functional on your connected smartphone.

Android Auto is now receiving a new settings UI with the latest Google Play Services update. The updated UI was recently spotted by on Reddit, which shows a few design changes and new UI elements that will make it easier for users to connect their devices with their cars.

Android Auto is Getting Major Settings Redesign

The new settings UI is coming with Android Auto version 5.5.602944 and Google Play Services version 20.30.19, and here are some of the major changes included in the UI refresh:

For the advanced settings on your phone, updates to Android Auto and Google Play Services have rolled out a brand new settings interface over the past several days. Now, users will notice a new menu is coming with a graphic at the top to show off the new Android Auto UI. Moreover, the various toggles and menus are listed underneath in sections. At the top, users will be able to see their connected car and how it’s connected, whether that be wireless or over USB.

If you’re on Google Play Services 20.30.19 and Android Auto 5.5.602944, then you will be able to see this new UI.

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