Apple Foldable iPhone Video Hints Something Big is Coming Over

Samsung and Huawei should be Worried!

The Race of Foldable phone is not new, Samsung being the pioneer of announcing foldable phone first announced Galaxy Fold. However this Marathon is joint by Huawei with giving tough competition to its rival by introducing the rollable phone, Huawei Mate X. Huawei Mate X was announced at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. Other mobile companies like Oppo, Xiaomi and LG are also said to be working on foldable phones. No Doubt, foldable phones have become the most important entity and will be more transformed in the near future. However, for a long time, Apple was quite when other tech giants were launching their foldable lines. Apple Foldable iPhone was nowhere when we were getting patents and leaks from other mobile companies. This was quite surprising for many tech gurus who were expecting Apple to launch the foldable phone before any other company. Even the Apple co-founder asked in an Interview that “where is my foldable phone?”

Apple Foldable iPhone Video is A Ghost for Samsung and Huawei-Yes they should be worried

As the foldable devices marathon is going on and Samsung and Huawei have won the competition, Apple is still lagging behind. So it’s natural that the company’s co-founder also wants a foldable device from Apple. In a recent Interview with Bloomberg, Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he is concerned that why Apple is not launching folding iPhone and he also desired that he wants it. Just recently we have come across Apple Foldable iPhone Video, that shows that the device will be even better than Samsung and Huawei.

Let’s Watch the Vidoe first- Bent you Will

We can see a sleek foldable iPhone in the video. SO we can expect to see Apple foldable iPhone anytime. We get different patents from other tech giants but when it comes to Apple, the plans of the company are always hidden. Even if Apple won’t be able to make it well, the futuristic Foldable iPhone will still be bought by millions as the name is the main thing people go after.

The device is expected to be named iPhone X Fold is a very thin and sleek as compared to Samsung’s fat device. Even the concept packaging looks very cool. So we can expect something big is coming over.

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