Apple Releases iOS 15.1.1 to Fix Bugs

An update of a software, is always for the betterment and improved smooth function of the released software. It fixes the bugs and hiccups that always comes with the new software. The most talked about iOS 15, is no exception to these bugs and hiccups. Luckily, Apple is quick in responding to these issues and has released the iOS 15.1.1.

According to MacRumors iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, after the iOS 15 update faced an issue in during calls. The audio would go mute while the call being active and ultimately get dropped. This issue could be due to the chipset. If the call dropping problem persists even after the update, in the release note it is said that the Airplane mode turned on and off can fix the problem.

Other than this problem, the iOS 15.1.1 will also bring a new feature i.e. the SharePlay feature.

Apple trying to be a head in fixing its bugs, has already started its tests on the beta iOS 15.2, which will further fix other bugs. iPhone 13 series also faces the issues of Face ID recognition if the screen is replaced. iOS 15.2, will fix the Face ID problem in iPhone 13 series. New features like emergency auto-call, legacy contacts, Hide my Email and Record App Activity will be added with new update.

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