Blizzard Announces Three World Of Warcraft Expansions At Blizzcon 2023

At Blizzcon 2023, Blizzard revealed that three expansions for its long-running MMO for the PC, World of Warcraft are on their way. It looks as if the company has taken inspiration from Marvel’s cinematic universe, as these three World of Warcraft expansions are part of “Worldsoul Saga.”

Three World Of Warcraft Expansions Announced

The next three WoW expansions are as follows:

  • The War Within: It will descend you into the heart of Azeroth itself. You will explore new subterranean kingdoms, and engage with ancient cultures, like the Earthen and the terrifying nerubians of Azj-kahet.
  • Midnight:  It will return you to the Old World, to the fabled lands of Quel’Thalas. The forces of the void have overrun Azeroth. They plan to douse out the light of the Sunwell and plunge the world into darkness and fear.
  • The Last Titan: It will return you to the Old World, this time to the wintery lands of Northrend. You will be the witness to the return of the Titans to Azeroth at Ulduar.

According to Chris Metzen:

“The Worldsoul Saga will act as a bridge between the already-released World of Warcraft games and whatever Blizzard has planned next.”

Metzen also showed a cinematic trailer for The War Within. It shows the former leader of the Horde faction and the current leader of the Alliance faction prepping for the three-part storyline, especially in the MMO’s oldest locations. The War Within will present new Hero Talent trees. In addition, there will be more of Dragonflight’s physics-based flying, endgame treasure vaults called Delves, and a new feature called Warbands.

There have been no official words by Blizzard regarding a release date. We only know that it will make its way to gamers in 2024. The company is still offering pre-purchases with the current expansion, Dragonflight.  For more details, visit their official site.

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