COMSATS Internet Services Delivers Virtual Lectures to Students in Rural Multan

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is rated amongst top ranked universities of the country and is known for its progressive and innovative learning approach. Being the only institute to provide quality higher education at your door, COMSATS has recently started online classes for the school students of rural areas in Pakistan. COMSATS Internet Services Delivers Virtual Lectures to Students in Rural Multan.

The coverage of higher education in Pakistan is around 5% which is extremely low as compared to other developing countries in the world. This is one of the reasons that COMSATS is now focusing on higher education in rural areas of Pakistan.

COMSATS Internet Services Delivers Virtual Lectures to Students in Rural Multan

Currently, COMSATS Internet Services is delivering online lectures to the students sitting in Chak 5 Faiz Mulatn. Whereas teachers are serving them online from the Capital city, Islamabad via broadband internet. This online learning platform will facilitate the students in their higher education.

The Classes are in progress, you can see in the following video clips:

COMSATS Internet Service also plan to provide virtual education to other rural areas in Pakistan. CIIT Virtual campus is also a project of COMSATS internet services, started to enhance the coverage of quality higher education in the country by providing opportunities to those who could not attend universities because of inflexible timings, cost, or cultural barriers.

CIIT has set itself the goal of making quality education available to students in various parts of Pakistan though its campuses in key cities. The establishment of a virtual campus is the next logical step for the completion of the goal. CIIT Virtual Campus will reach those people by offering sophisticated Distance Learning education programs in Pakistan.

It seems that COMSATS want to move Pakistan towards digitization by introducing such smart schools. By creating such smart schools to rural population will definitely help those students to learn who deprived education due to no schools available in such areas.

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