Djuice and Qualcomm Conduct Mobile App Development Workshop

Djuice with the help of Qualcomm, a wireless technology and services provider have set up a number of free mobile application development workshops for university students. A local hotel was used as the venue for the first workshop, hosted by Qualcomm.

Djuice and Qualcomm Conduct Mobile App Development Workshop

The main reason for the initiation of these workshops is to create a platform from which students can gain on the job experience for app development. This will further help students gain a familiar feel before the advent of the Apportunity 2012 contest  ‘APP Mein Kitna Hai Dum!’

This is a perfect opportunity for the youth of Pakistan to gain global exposure. It also helps promote their abilities and talents at an international scale. Djuice with the help of Qualcomm are fore fronting this effort.

Several students from numerous universities attended this event. Among such participating universities were Iqra University, Comsats, NUST,  International Islamic University and FAST.  The topic of discussion and the subject of attention was Augmented Reality technology and ways in which it could be used in Mobile Apps.  ‘Augmented reality (AR) is a relatively new technology that allows mixing virtual with real world in different proportions to achieve a level of immersion that no virtual equipment can provide.’

Usman Javaid, Director Marketing Telenor Pakistan, applauded the interest of Qualcomm, a leading international organisation, in their efforts in educating the local youth and promoting their talents. He went further on to say that,

[pull_quote_center]“Djuice welcomes Qualcomm as a partner to offer opportunities to Pakistan’s youth to learn and excel in their fields. We appreciate the effort Qualcomm is putting into these workshops and look forward to working with them.”[/pull_quote_center]

Another respected personality Ziad Matar, Qualcomm’s Senior Director and Head of Middle East and Central Asia Region also addressed the students present at the occasion

Djuice with the cooperation of Qualcomm hope to carry out more workshops in the thriving cities of Lahore and Karachi over the next two months.

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