DuckDuckGo Chrome Extension will Block Google’s New Privacy

Due to its privacy-focused browser, DuckDuckGo has earned a reputation as a security and privacy enthusiast, and the firm is now selling a chrome add on that disables Google’s new ad targeting tactics.

DuckDuckGo published a new blog post announcing the addition of new features. The extension can be used to restrict FLEDGE and Google Topcis, among other things. Users can also disable the “Privacy Sandbox” by going to Chrome’s settings. The new Google endeavor is a method for the company to claim that it is more privacy-conscious while still tracking and targeting customers.

“Some believe that Topics is a less intrusive method of ad targeting, but we disagree. Why not? “It’s because, by default, Google Chrome will continue to monitor your online activities and share information about you with advertisers and other third parties so they may behaviorally target you without your agreement,” said DuckDuckGo’s product director Peter Dolanjski in the post.

What is Google Topics?

Google reluctantly announced in 2021 that it will follow other browsers in banning third-party cookies by default, though it recently postponed this till at least 2023. Instead of just blocking third-party cookies, unlike other browsers, they are attempting to replace them with alternative tracking technologies that are just as creepy and privacy violating.


You know how ads seem to follow you around to every page you visit, even after you’ve looked something up on the internet? These adverts are displayed to you based on your browsing history from other websites, which is kept in third-party cookies. Google chose to introduce FLEDGE in connection with the expected removal of third-party cookies.

Google’s Privacy Sandbox schedule is revised on a regular basis, and the latest estimate is that third-party cookies will be phased out during a three-month period in late 2023.

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