E-Billing System in the NHA Will Ensure Good Governance

On Monday, Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Service Murad Saeed launched the e-billing system in the National Highway Authority (NHA) that will ensure good governance and transparency.

Speaking on the occasion, Murad Saeed said that e-billing system was meant to ensure transparency, eradicate corruption, save cost and time, increase efficiency and effectiveness and improve managerial control. Besides facilitating contractors, all highways will be connected to the mobile system.

E-Billing System in the NHA Will Ensure Good Governance

He said that the Prime Minister had given the vision for providing good governance and e-governance, on the one hand, brings transparency and on the other hand plays a role in the eradication of corruption and malpractices. E-billing system is part of e-governance program of the PTI government, which will help save time and eradicate the commission culture, he added.

He said while pursuing accountability, the NHA has recovered Rs 7 billion and generated Rs 43 billion revenue, increasing 51.25 percent revenue this year. “In five years, the National Highway will increase its revenue by 100%”, He said NHA also recovered 448 Kanal lands from land grabbers.

The Minister said that the Communications Ministry is also contributing to Clean and Green Pakistan. It plans to plant millions of saplings from 1st to 14 August this year.


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