Easypaisa revolutionizing the world of Bank Transfers

Easypaisa revolutionizing the world of Bank Transfers

Dread standing in long queues at the bank? Feel restricted by conventional bank timings? Need an on-the-go solution to your financial services needs? Worry not because Easypaisa’s revolutionary launch of Easypaisa Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) now lets you transfer/send money to ANY bank account in Pakistan from any Easypaisa shop or Easypaisa Mobile Account. Yes it really is as simple as it sounds!

[blockquote cite=””] Easypaisa continues to achieve excellence from its industry first initiatives. The brand promises to change lives through convenient financial services that aim to empower masses. IBFT is an amalgamation of comfort and convenience; something that was needed all along but happened only now.

Owing to the vast network of 45,000 Easypaisa shops across the country you no longer need to travel long distances for access to financial service facilities. There’s no need to go the extra mile (literally) just to transfer funds. Let Easypaisa do that for you. What’s more, the service is highly reliable.

To sum it up, with Easypaisa IBFT, you not only get convenient and reliable transfer of funds, but also the peace of mind, that the cash flows will keep progressing in businesses. Now businesses do not have to get affected by the limitations of conventional fund transfer methods. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to convenience!

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