Facebook is Testing 4K Video Uploads

Millions of people watch videos on Facebook to connect with the moments of friends shared by them. There is a good News that Facebook is testing Ultra-High-Resolution video uploads that use the 2160p UHD-1 standard. Facebook is Testing 4K Video Uploads.

4K quality is popping up everywhere. After recording excellent 4K video footage with vivid color and incredible detail, it would be more fun to share them with family and friends on popular online video sharing sites.

Facebook is Testing 4K Video Uploads

Now its easier for people to post 4K videos to the Facebook and can also watch them. YouTube started experimenting 4K video playback back in 2010.

The upgrade would be able to boost Facebook’s Watch tab of original videos. The extra pixels added to Videos by Facebook will benefit sports, science, travel and fashion industry. Facebook always show concerns and more interest in videos playing. It was one of the reasons that Facebook  launched the ability to bring a guest into your Instagram Live Story.

The tech giant, Facebook is striving hard to be on the top of video streaming . To cater this, Facebook has introduced 4K video to compete YouTube and Netflix by bringing extra clarity. While YouTube has started 4K video rollouts in 2014 and 2015 and in 2016 added 4K live streams.

Facebook has started to test 4K video support by giving a small group of profiles and pages the ability to upload 4K videos at 2160p resolution. However it is not clear when it plans to expand the upload support to more accounts.

One of the reasons of delay could be Facebook’s desire to balance its continued investment in video. While the current tests show that Facebook is making an effort to bring its video into 2017. Facebook always think about their users to amused them by introducing interesting updates time-to-time.

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