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All the gym rats out there probably have already heard about the ‘Fat Freezing Technology‘, a trend that is up nowadays. Here’s, all you need to know about Fat Freezing. What is fat freezing? How does fat freezing work? Is fat freezing safe? What are the health risks of fat freezing? How effective is fat freezing? And who should go for fat freezing? all of these answered in here.

What Is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing, scientifically known as ‘Cryolipolysis’, is a non-surgical method of cutting down the extra fat. It is derived from the methodology of ‘Frost Bite’. Only that unlike frostbite the regions to be frozen are selective and controlled. The technology aims to freeze-kill the adipose tissues (fat cells), which are then removed by the body over a period of time naturally.

Fat freezing has been authorized by (Food And Drug Administration, USA) FDA for 9 regions of the body until now, from double chin to the back fat.

How Does it Work?

Fat Freezing Technology
PC: Coolsculpting

Research shows that most of the adipose tissues develop in a person during the growing ages and not in the adolescence. These fat tissues tend to expand and contract with your diet and weight making you fatter or slimmer. Moreover, researches into frostbite showed that these fat tissues tend to freeze quicker than the skin tissues. Thus, the cryolipolysis came into being. Which aims to freeze the adipose tissues which will kill the fat cells and these dead cells will be removed out by the body gradually.

Patches of varying size are attached to the targeted body region where the excessive, bulging fat is to be targeted. The process takes around 1 to 2 hours in one sitting and may require more than one sittings with a gap of around 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the size of the targeted area and the amount of fat present. No surgery is involved during the whole process.

How Effective Is Fat Freezing?

Unlike liposuction, fat-freezing doesn’t give immediate results, it is a slower process. It takes a minimum of 4 to 6 months for the body to remove a significant, noticeable number of fat cells. Moreover, there may not be any weight changes but all you needed was to remove those bulges right? Weight is just a number. huh! However, a study shows that fat freezing helps reduce excessive fat from 20-25%.

How Much Does Fat Freezing Costs?

Fat freezing costs around $625 or Rs.1,00,356 per treatment and if further treatment is required you may end up spending $2000 to $4000 or Rs.3,21,140 to Rs.6,42,280. It comes under the category of cosmetic surgery thus your insurance won’t cover it up for you.

Is this much money worth-it for shedding 20-25% of extra fat?

Who Should Go For Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is not a treatment for obesity. it is not intended to remove a huge amount of fat. Fat freezing is for those near their ideal body weight and is fighting against their stubborn fat at certain places, for example, arm flab, thighs, love handles etc.

Are there any Health Risks Associated with it?

So far the procedure seems to be quiet safe. During the procedure, complexities include the burning sensation due to immense cold, redness, itchiness, swelling, minor skin infections etc they all mainly don’t stay for long.

After the procedure, there have been cases of nerve numbness for weeks and even months, swelling, and uneven contour due to the natural, random fat cell removal by the body. Freezing Fat is not a bad idea if you wish to treat yourself with something extra. But know that even after the costly treatment, the fat will eventually grow back if you don’t keep a track of your diet and exercise routine.

Of all the artificial methods towards the ideal body goals, I will always prefer a healthy and productive lifestyle. Let us all join hands to not pushing our bodies to meet standards that cost us a kidney and are too hard to keep up with. Keep it natural and be proud of yourself!

Aiza Riaz Butt

I am a proud Pakistani and an ambitious student who is determined to become a socio-religious revolutionist in the long-run. My relation with the world of technology is not only interest-based but it is our family business and that gives me a double affiliation with it. Hope my words provide you with blessed knowledge. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries.
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