Five technology trends in 2013

Five technology trends in 2013

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) revealed its annual assumptions of most likely tech trends of 2013. CEA including over 2,000 tech companies, released a list of trends for 2013 calendar year.

[info]1. 3-D printers will go mainstream:[/info] Three-dimensional printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is heading straight for the mainstream. Technology will become commonplace in consumers’ homes, rather than creating a detailed object by sculpting it from materials, consumers can create designs online and download them turning them into physical objects, creating them layer by layer.

[info]2. Next-generation TVs and displays will be about the apps:[/info] Consumers are attracted to a higher-resolution screen, but “resolution isn’t going to win them over. Consumers will be more attracted to the applications and contents.
One option for the future is 4k TV, “the HDTV experience on steroids”

[info]3. Audio must offer a great experience: [/info] With the invention of iPod, MP3 players and ear buds created a new standard of how people listen music. In future consumers I’ll be willing to pay for the brand headphones promising to deliver studio sound quality. Modern consumers put a priority on products that are both connected and portable.

[info]4. The mobile revolution is happening in Africa: [/info] For the past 20 years, Africa has lagged behind the rest of the globe when it comes to technology trends. But now mobile phones (in Africa) are used for absolutely everything and used to the extreme by everyone. Africa will experience opportunities and inspiration in 2013.

[info]5. The classroom is getting wired:[/info] Technology is second nature today, so it only makes sense that we use it as an educational tool. Schoolchildren today have traded their paper notebooks and tablets for electronic versions, and that is only the beginning. Different examples are classroom webpages and online lectures; social media is now heavily utilized by students as well.

These are top 5 obvious trends we will definitely see in 2013. Let’s hope for many more..

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