Flappy Bird Returns To Life on Amazon’s Android Store

Flappy Bird Returns To Life on Android Store

New version of popular mobile game, Flappy Birds Family, now available; includes new Person vs. Person mode and ghosts to avoid.

A newer version of the massively popular mobile game, Flappy Bird is available on Amazon Fire TV, presumably before a wider release for iOS and Android devices.

The new version of Flappy Bird is called Flappy Birds Family. It includes new features like a Person vs. Person mode and, as if the standard green pipes weren’t challenging enough, additional obstacles (ghosts) to avoid. The game is still “very hard,” according to the description.

[blockquote cite=”forbes”] At the height of the Flappy Bird craze, a solid 20 or so of the top 100 apps in Apple’s iOS store were Flappy Bird clones, and that remained true even after the original came down. Almost as soon as it did, “Splashy Fish” was the one that rose higher than all the rest, with 5 to 10 million daily players, and 250 million games being played per day.

It’s going to be a curious experiment to see if the public’s attention span can snap back to something that was insanely popular just six months ago.

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