Google adds dynamic email support to Gmail on Android and iOS

Gmail has remained unattended for a long time until now, but finally, Google has some time to make it better than before. This time Google’s email app is getting more upgrades on both Android and iOS platforms. The company has released new functionality for its Gmail app that is dynamic email. Dynamic email support to Gmail allows Gmail users to take action directly within emails. This feature will be launched for both Android and iOS. It means now you would be able to respond to a comments, RSVP to even, manage subscription directly within the email.

Dynamic Email support to Gmail will make the overall experience better

Due to this dynamic email, you will remain up to date as whenever you open an email, you will see the latest information about the subject.

Google has revealed that the rollout will be starting today, however as the feature will launch in chunks, it will take at least two weeks on both Android and iOS to land for everyone. It should also be mentioned here that dynamic email support will be turned on by default when this feature will arrive on the devices.

Will it be Beneficial for us?

Of course, it will be very beneficial for us as it will help us remain up to date and at the same time will reduce the chances of missing any important information. Furthermore, it is hugely beneficial for marketers who will be taking advantage of dynamic email and will stay up to date. This feature will be helpful for the e-commence orders accurately.

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