Google Chrome Update will Block Annoying Notifications for Android users

Are you also a victim of notifications? If yes, Google Chrome Update has a solution for you. There are some sites who really don’t want you to miss any bit of information they post; however, you are not ready to know each and everything about them. So what’s the solution? The New version 80 of the Chrome browser for Android is adding a new capability named “quieter notification permission UI”. This feature in Google Chrome Update will save you from interruptions via notification requests. Many sites ask you before giving your notification initially when you visit the site for the very first time.

Say Good-Bye to Notifications and Thanks to Google Chrome Update

By opting for the new UI, one would be able to avoid the annoying notifications. New UI can be selected by going to the Settings. However, this feature will automatically start working for those people who usually block notification permission requests. However, this automatic disabling of notifications will take time as Googe will need time to collect information regarding opt-in data from sites and user developer feedback.

The company is also planning to take enforcement action for the abusive websites that use notifications process to disseminate ads, malware or ambiguous notifications.

Such notifications are not only a headache for us but also wastes a lot of time. The search engine giant has taken the most awaited step, and people will love to know about it.

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