Google Introduces new strategy and Updated Policies for Privacy Extensions

Extensions in the apps can be of enormous support for the users, but at the same time, they can be a big privacy nightmare. Google has been making so many efforts to tighten the rules and regulations and trying to tighten up the loop around the Chrome Extensions for a long time resulting in privacy extensions.

As per the latest news report, Google has recently introduced a new strategy to bring up the updated policies for privacy extensions.

Furthermore, news officials report that, according to new policies, Google Chrome extensions will show more details and update on the data they collect from various sources.

Google Introduces new strategy and Updated Policies for Privacy Extensions

Starting from January 2021, Google put this information on the official post last week that, the Google Chrome Web store will show the details about the data collected by the updated extensions and this information is directly taken from the developers and provided to the Google extensions.

The developers must explain the kind of data they are collecting through the extensions.

Detailed information on data collection is likely to help users make a more informed decision. This extension of data adds new policies to Google’s Project Strobe that was announced earlier last year to protect the user’s information and their essential data.

“Protecting users and their data is a fundamental aspect of the work we do on Chrome. Last year, as part of Google’s Project Strobe, we announced an important set of policies for extensions to protect users and their data. These policies require extensions to request only the permissions needed to implement their features. Additionally, we required more extensions to post privacy policies and handle user data securely,” Alexandre Blondin and Mark M. Jaycox, Chrome Product & Policy state in the news.

Apart from this, Google has also introduced an additional privacy policy that is subjected to control and limit how the developers access user’s information. As per the policy, the developers cannot sell the users data for any other purpose. This policy assures that the user updated data is only for the user’s primary benefit.

Google Chrome extension pages will now also feature a display to inform users whether the developer has complied with the abovementioned policies or not.

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