Google Map Location sharing Will Now Share Your Mobile’s Battery Life With Friends

Google Map location sharing is a blessing for many who use it on a daily basis for getting directions and sharing their location with friends and family. Now Google is rolling out another feature that will let you share battery life of your mobile with friends.

This new feature of Google Map is discovered by Android Police. Now your friend’s battery level will be included when they share their location with you.

Google Map Location sharing will now Share your Phone’s Battery Life

This is a great initiative as it will let your friends know that you are safe. Usually, when you share your location with someone in Google Maps, it shows up your friend’s map. They can use that link to see where are you later on. Now when they will check your location, they will also come across a battery icon, showing your mobile charging.

Many times when you get lost on way, you are not able to communicate with them due to low charging. With the new update of Google Map and its inclusion of battery life, it’s easy to tell why someone hasn’t called to tell you they’re lost.

Now worry less, if someone’s location drops off because now you will be able to know that their phone battery would be dead.

The new Battery feature on Google Map is available on both iOS and Android versions of the app today.

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