Google Maps returns to the Apple Watch After three years

Google Maps is a blessing in disguise as it has made our lives easier. However, Google Maps had ended all its ties with Apple Watch in 2017. The reason for pulling up Maps from Apple Watch was the app’s limited capabilities on the watch as compared to the iPhone app. While making this announcement, the company had promised that the Maps will return to Apple Watch. It seems that the company is fulfilling its promise in the upcoming update. In a new update, we can see a comeback of Google Maps in Apple watch with new directions and the estimated time of the arrival. It’s indeed good news as Google Maps returns to the Apple Watch after the whole three years.

In Apple Watch, a user cannot input the new destination in the watch directly and the wearer has to enter the location himself by using the phone app and later on moving to Apple watch. By using Google Maps on Apple Maps, people who are walking, driving, taking public transportation, or riding a bicycle from point “A” to point “B” to receive step-by-step directions and show the Estimated Time of Arrival.

Google Maps returns to the Apple Watch After three years

With the inclusion of Google Maps to Apple Watch, the primary screen will show the user’s current trip and travel times to other destinations such as work and home. An icon appears on the watch when the turn is to made. This new feature will definitely make the lives of people easier than before.

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