Google Meet to Get New Features

Google Meet is getting new features that include Background blur and being able to see up to 49 people simultaneously in the coming weeks. The company is ready to launch a handful of pre-announced features for Meet.

“Seeing more people at the same time can improve the dynamics of larger group meetings and classes. Whether it’s seeing everyone’s reactions to what’s being discussed, or more easily tracking multiple speakers, it can help virtual meetings feel more like in-person meetings and encourage participation.”

Google Meet to Get New Features

Google Meet auto and tiled layouts show up to 49 people are beneficial for businesses and classes. This is only functional on the web. The users have to actively enable it. The default tile number is 9 in “Auto” layout and 16 in “Tiled.”

From the “Change layout” panel, users will get to experience a new “Tiles” slider. Users can also add themselves as a tile by hovering over their top-right thumbnail. It works better for group screenshots.

“You may want to increase the maximum when you have a large group, or reduce the number of tiles if you have a weak internet connection. Note that the slider adjustments are specific to each meeting, it will reset between each meeting and you can then customize each time”

This feature will be available over the coming weeks for both G Suite and personal accounts.

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