Google Meet to work on Team Chat for Android Games

We’re sure you’ve heard the news by now, but Google’s Duo video chatting service will be incorporated into Google Meet. While the specifics of how that transition is being conducted are now unclear, you can anticipate Duo to become Meet in the not-too-distant future. In the interim, Google continues to develop additional Meet features that will be useful as the service transforms from a business/education-focused service to a video chatting tool for everyone. One of them is the addition of third-party app and service integrations.


Google is developing the ability to “live share” an app during a conversation. It will have different integrations for both casual hangouts with friends and important business conversations. If it passes muster, you’ll be able to view videos on YouTube, listen to music and podcasts on Spotify, and play Uno, Heads Up, and Kahoot with your pals. Integration with the GQueues task management is also available for commercial users.

Moroever, With support for YouTube, Spotify, UNO, and other services, the latest Meet upgrade allows you to do more than simply get work done in video meetings. Google Meet is now positioned as a business/education-first service, with some severe constraints for use with a free Google Account. However, in the next weeks/months, Meet will replace Duo as the company’s flagship tool for video chatting and conferencing.

It’s unclear when or if this sharing option will be finished and put out before the Duo merger is finalized. The transition is already beginning, but it will take at least another month for Duo to completely embrace the Meet identity.

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