Google Mobile Search, Redesign for More Accurate Information

Google Mobile Search is improved to make it new and easy for users to find what they want or search. The google search engine shared by a blog post that the progress of the developer who led the graphic redesign. Google’s mobile search upgrade help users to concentrate on info, clearly read text, have a edge-to-edge design, deeper color usage, and more.

“It is very complex to rethink the graphic interface for anything like Search. This is particularly true given the advancement of Google Search. We are also not just arranging the site content, we are also organizing the whole information worldwide,” said designer Aileen Cheng, who led the Google Mobile Search visual redesign. In the coming days, the redesign will be completed.

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This blog discusses the five main features of the redesign of search engine, including focusing information, making it easy to read text, producing more light, using color, and depending on the “Googley” experience. Google Search redesign allows users to focus their analysis on the content and information, rather than the development features that make their search clearer and faster. The text will be bigger and bolder as the output and the names of the section titles larger. Search will deepen the use of Google’s own font.

The redesign offers edge-to-edge effects that reduce the use of shadows to make it easy to see what you are looking for quickly. This makes it easier to concentrate on search results and other content. Cheng states that the team kept the images and content in a clean context, while using color to give emphasis to verifying the accuracy of information.

Finally, the roundness of the logo of Google, like icons and images, has been moved elsewhere. “This type is part like our DNA already. Just control the search button,” adds Cheng.

As previously reported, the redesign would be launched in the next few days and Google did not reveal an exact date yet. We need to wait for its official release.

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