Govt Allocates Rs 2 Bn for Cyber Security Team to Protect Govt Institutions

Cyberattacks have been proliferating in Pakistan in recent times, particularly on major government institutions like FBR. Therefore, in order to tackle these cyberattacks on institutions,  the government is building a computer emergency response team, thus safeguarding the digital security of data. So, in this regard, the federal government has allocated a sum of Rs 2 bn. This cyber security body will devise ways and means for sharing cyber threats intelligence at the national level. According to the experts, dedicated baseline software has already been created.

Govt Allocates 2 Bn for Cyber Security Team to Protect Govt Institutions

Though the country is ramping up its efforts to form a national cyber deterrence body that will provide advance warning to public and private sector entities regarding possible cyber attacks, the government of Pakistan does not intend to pass any new legislation in this regard. The main purpose of this cyber security team is to tackle the growing number of cyber fraudsters.

A cyber security expert Ammar Jaffri told a source that the computer emergency response team would operate just like a house guard, but it would also be connected with the guard posted across your street and the team responsible for the security of all firms and across the city too. According to Ammar Jaffri,

It is capable of recognizing and informing consumers about potential emergencies or threats. If everyone combined efforts, it will be a good endeavor.

The Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team (PakCERT) is committed to providing industry security services and training to help the public and private sectors build a solid infrastructure. It also makes vulnerability assessments and offers services as a cyber security operations center, cyber threat intelligence, digital forensic analysis, development of information security policies, malware reverse engineering besides working out a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

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