iflix will Go Live Today in Pakistan

Malaysian based internet service iflix, has entered the growing Pakistani market. iflix is basically an Internet service for streaming TV shows and movies that feature on its database. iflix Will Go Live Today in Pakistan.

Advent of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan has offered many opportunities. According to PTA website the internet subscribers has gone up at rate of 900 percent in last three years. There were around 3.8 million subscriptions in 2013-14. The number shot past 38 million by the end of October 2016. Most of the growth came on the back of mobile broadband services. The market of internet based business has increased over nine times.

iflix will Go Live Today in Pakistan

Iflix will be formally launched in Pakistani market in the coming week. But its services will go Live from today. They have promised to feature more Pakistani local content. It is priced at Rs 300/ month or Rs 2800/ year. First month would be trial month where they would pay no cost.

They are expected to face a great challenge. Netflix was launched in Pakistan last year at the same time. It is currently charging Rs 800/month. Subscriptions rates of Netflix are statistically higher for average income in Pakistan that is Rs 165,000/ year.

Farees Shah, GM iflix Pakistan said:

Netflix is in the same category we are, but we see piracy as the main competition. People resort to piracy because it’s convenient and cost-effective. If one was to provide an alternative that is affordable and user-friendly, people would definitely use it

iflix is likely to face two main challenges in Pakistan. These challenges are extremely slow internet service and payment mechanism. It is expected that iflix will overcome slow internet problem. Farees Shah revealed that there is a download and watch offline option available in iflix.

The are working on collaboration to mobile operators where they will devise a system for people to pay through their mobile credit. This will let them get rid of old method of using plastic cards.

Pakistan is iflix’s eight destination with the aim of strengthening its presence in growing market by targeting more than billions of subscribers by 2020.

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