ITU is Testing New App ‘Recap’ to Counter Women Harassment

Every day in Pakistan a huge number of women are facing public places. If they travel in public any transport or waiting at bus stop, they experience harassment, but there no any law in place to protect them. Women are also reluctant to complaint about the harassment just because of different society fears. For this purpose, the Information Technology University (ITU) is testing an app called recap that will help report harassment incidents in public places.

ITU is Testing New App ‘Recap’ to tackle the Issues of Women Harassment

Recap had been initiated in 2017 with the collaboration of the World Bank. This application has been specifically created to counter women harassment. It will also help in conducting a survey of harassment cases.

ITU Vice-Chancellor Dr Umar Saif said:

“Cases of women harassment go unreported as they ignore such acts and do not lodge cases in a police station. A lot has been said about female harassment but till day, no data or statistics have been gathered to identify the places where women are harassed and neither are the timings disclosed of when such acts take place.”

Dr Umar Saif also said that first of all a survey will be carried out on public transport, that will help to identify the areas, locations and time where the harassment incidents of women occur in large number.

The government will take action against those who are involved in it according to the facts and figure, that are collected through the survey. Action will be taken to make those areas safe and secured, where women are harassed.

This initiative by ITU is appreciable, the effort will definitely encourage women to protect themselves against any kind of harassment.

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