Jazzxlr8 & Telenor Velocity is Not for ALL Digital Entrepreneurs

No doubt, all mobile operators are dedicatedly putting their best efforts to make Pakistan a successful digital story. In this regard, two of the mobile operators have come up with the idea to promote genius minds by giving them opportunity to support their tech startups. These include Telenor (Telenor Velocity) and Jazz (previously known as Mobilink). Let’s discuss Jazz first.

Jazzxlr8 & Telenor Velocity is Not for ALL Digital Entrepreneurs

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After the establishment of first ever “National Incubation Center” funded by National ICT R&D Fund under Jazz; the operator has introduced Jazzxlr8 initiative. Jazzxlr8 will shortlist among the applicants and finally take 5 successful startups to Barcelona; which is going to be held on 27th Feb-2nd March, 2017. Later on Jazz will further help to accelerate the growth of these startups in Pakistan.

Jazz to Take 5 Successful Startups to Barcelona Under Jazzxlr8

Jazz is updating details of startups on daily basis on its separate Twitter Account of Jazzxlr8. The CEO of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim, on his official Twitter account is showing updates on the selection procedure.

Point to Ponder:

Now what made me more curious to write about these startups thing is that I found no proper marketing or awareness campaign about them. It’s only on 8th Dec, 2016 that Jazz asked applicants to apply for Jazzxlr8. A part from this we didn’t find any promotional campaign for the said purpose; neither the official Facebook page of Jazz has any such thing. Only on Twitter (which is less popular among Pakistanis than Facebook) and the website of Jazz has the entire procedure for apply.

As previously mentioned, Telenor has also introduced “Telenor Velocity” programme to support tech-savvy startups in the country. While asking the CEO of Telenor, Irfan Wahab on the issue at the ‘Meet & Greet’ event held last year for its startup accelerator program Telenor Velocity-Cohort I; he replied that:

“We will try our best to run announcement campaigns for the Cohort-II.”

But unfortunately the Cohort-II was also not made public.

The point is, Pakistanis are blessed with talent and enthusiasm but they need dedicated platforms so that they can also incorporate in the development of Pakistan. Such initiatives by the mobile companies must reach to the entire public with proper channels.

For apply please visit: Jazzxlr8

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