Kids App: Parents Should Download these Apps in Phones

We catch ourselves in the workplace checking on our phones, and our kids check them out during homework. Children may use the technology early on to understand it. They know how to function properly on smartphones and tablets before they can speak, and get into their favorite apps. For each platform there is a sea of apps available but not all of them are suitable for children. We’ve compiled a list of apps for kids, some are stupid games while others are educational, but all are child-safe and fun-filled. 

As parents we are very worried with our children’s development including the TV programs they watch and the video games they play. We’ve compiled a list of apps for children of all ages and stages that can help them learn math, apply critical thinking skills, learn about meditation and healthy living, develop important skills in reading and phonics, or simply delight in stories. 


kids apps

Parenthood can make it difficult for productivity. Trying to remember a million things to do plus ensuring children are fed, loved, learned. Is it any wonder stuff missing in the chaos of all of it?  

Evernote is perfect for teaching children or assisting with preparation and organizing. You have the option of making separate notebooks and labeling notes. Once you have saved a note, you can also take advantage of color-coding, highlighting and enlarged font. Lists, notes, images, sound, and links — nearly anything in Evernote can be recorded. Plus, it works over multiple platforms. 


kids app for android

This kids app provides do-it-yourself guides to users for a variety of tasks and projects, with pictures, videos, and user-generated instructions from around the world. Students are allowed to search for specific guides, browse interesting categories or prepare their own guides for use by others. Snapguide is helpful to a child who wants to fix his or her bike, make a film or perform other tasks. 


Kids apps

Homer’s learning-and-love-to-read software delights children aged 2 to 8 when developing confidence and faith in literacy. In a recent study to increase early reading scores by 74 percent, Homer motivates children to love reading and learning by building on what they already know and tapping on what they are most interested in, while teaching them to read from beginning to end. 

Shapes Toddler Preschool 

With puzzles and games involving shapes, colors, numbers and letters, this app gets kids ready for preschools. The app is laid out to allow a young child to click around without getting out of the game or ending up in a menu and the controls are easy enough for anyone to use them.  

There are four ways to play but they are all educational and should lead to growth. Toddler Preschool Shapes features more than 30 categories, including shapes, colors, money, symbols, colors, and numbers. The game has puzzles, games and flashcards to facilitate the learning. 


kids app

Parents need to know that iTranslate Translator is a collaboration device that translate language, speech, website, and pictures. Over 100 languages including Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Zulu and Vietnamese are translated into the app. Children can either type text to translate, or use the voice recognition function that translates speech. 


kids app

Flipd-keep children focused and is a growth kids app that encourages wellness by providing users with mindfulness resources and a tool to track time spent in their area of focus. Under the Explore section, which can be accessed at any time, children walk through the App and take advantage of its features. Flipd-Keep Focused allows users to select or create a category — such as work, sleep, or study — and then track well spent time. 

Pet Bingo 

pet bingo

A nice little app which allows children to nurse cute animals while simultaneously learning basic math. It is the ideal way to get your kids excited about mathematics and encourage them to quickly develop their math skills. 

Kodable – Coding for kids 


This is a children’s coding app designed to teach computer science to children between the ages of 4 and 11. Help the furry aliens discover planet Smeeborg through a labyrinth. Teachers and parents can use this app and it doesn’t require any programming knowledge from the adult. This provides more than 40 written lesson plans, more than 200 events and even has incorporation with Google Classroom. 

BrainPOP Featured Movie 

brain pop

With related quizzes and learning activities this app brings you various animated films every week. The kids app is designed for children ages 6-8, and the films cover many topics ranging from science to social studies, math, reading & writing, arts, and technology. 


You’re sure to find a few useful apps in this comprehensive list of kids apps that will help your child to learn and develop in various areas, all while having fun. Such applications are perfect for channeling the creative energy of your child and satiating their thirst for knowledge and you will often catch yourself using some of the software as well. 

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