Life on Mars: The Robot to Build Your Home on Mars

Scientists are now thinking about to start life on Mars. A robot builds the future home on Mars and the design won NASA competition to build a home on Mars. For the final, a scaled-down prototype was made, using 3D mounted on a forklift truck, it took 30 hours.

New York-based space architects SEArch+ has collaborated with Californian 3D print construction company ApisCor to introduce a five-storey design that is consist of many home comforts.

The prototype was tested for leaks and durability. It was proved stronger than concrete competitors. According to the designers, their building can withstand the harsh Martian environment, shielding people from solar radiation. The double-coated shell keeps the temperature constant.

NASA says:

The journey to Mars could take up to nine months so it has been running a four-year competition to design a “sustainable shelter” for the astronauts who will explore the planet.

Inside there you will find space to sleep and work along with the garden. There is also a kitchen, where you can cook. Moreover, you can also work out in the gym, that is available inside.

It has also hatches for astronauts wearing space suits and a docking port for a Mars exploration rover. More interestingly, You will also find an internal greenhouse for plants that will provide oxygen and food.

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