LUMS Professors Won Tech Giant Google Faculty Research Award

The associate professors at Computer Science department from LUMSuniversityy, Dr. Ihsan Ayub Kazi, the Chair and Associate Professor and Dr. Zafar Ayyub Kazi won the award. These both professors teach at Syed Babar Ali School of  Science and Engineering (SBASSE) in LUMS. The biggest achievement for Pakistan, LUMS Professors Won Tech Giant Google Faculty Research Award.

This award is the biggest achievement for Pakistan because hardly 15% of people who send proposals receive the awards. Only less than 5% proposals belonging outside of United States usually win the prestigious award.

The project proposal was for web technologies and they are making the web faster for the billion users who access the internet. The project requirements were to make technologies that will help running the Web performance on slow devices faster. The underdeveloped countries usually use slow internet devices to access the internet, it will benefit them more.

LUMS Professors Won Tech Giant Google Faculty Research Award

The honors from tech monster Google, are in a type of funds for the research of the staff from universities around the globe. Alongside with funding for investigating the faculty and students are permitted to work one next to the other with Google engineers.

Dr. Ihsan reported that since their return to Pakistan they have been driven to focus on improving internet access for users. He said that they wanted to work for those users in such countries where old phones are still being used.


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