Mercedes-Benz Confirms the Electric EQS will cost over $100,000

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the EQS sedan, its flagship electric vehicle, will cost at least $100,000, as it has started taking orders in Germany. The base model will have a 90kWh battery pack and uses a single electric motor to power the rear wheels. The base model will cost around €106,374.10 which is roughly $124,000(PKR 20,383,241.68). The second and more expensive dual-motor model will feature a 107.8kWh battery pack and will start at €135,529.10 — or nearly $159,000(PKR 25,969,878.01).

Mercedes-Benz Confirms the Electric EQS will cost over $100,000

Obviously the prices are a bit high as per buyers perspective. But the company has equipped the EQS with outstanding specs. Mercedes-Benz will use the EQS to test whether customers are going to be interested in paying to unlock or accept other features made available by over-the-air software updates. For instance, Mercedes-Benz will electronically limit the steering angle of the rear wheels. However, there will be an option after purchase to pay the company more money to increase that steering angle by a few degrees for a tighter turning radius. Mercedes-Benz says it even plans to offer “temporary activations and free trial periods” of these features to entice customers.

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The company will also offer more software-focused updates. It will offer a year free trial. But later the company will charge €89 per month. EQS owners will get the opportunity of playing Tetris, Sudoku, and other mini-games on the massive “hyper screen” in the dashboard, among other features.

Mercedez will charge €89 per month for more Software updates

Following are the three upgrades available at the launch,

  • The customisation package with the additional sound experience “Roaring Pulse” and several mini-games (Tetris, Sudoku, Pairs, Shuffle Puck). The package also includes additional DIGITAL LIGHT animations for opening and closing (12 months’ use included in the purchase price, after which it can be extended via Mercedes me for 89 euros).
  • The ‘highlight mode’: The vehicle introduces itself and its equipment highlights, activated by the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant
  • The two special driving modes are‘ beginner driver mode’ and ‘valet service mode’ (package price: 50 euros).

Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only company trying out ideas like this. Many other automakers have increased the amount of computer control over the various elements of what makes a car move. Tesla has also used this idea by making features like its Autopilot driver assistance system available for purchase. German automaker BMW is also pretty high on the idea of in-car microtransactions.

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