Messaging App ToTok is spying Users from UAE

With the ever-growing technology which is a blessing, there are somethings with which we do not want to be blessed. Hacks and Spying are in trends and since we are always online these days, there are many researchers who have revealed that we are being spied all the time. Though Spying is totally illegal and punishable act, however, very little is done to stop it.  There are many surveillance apps on the app store that have made us so uneasy as they are easily available on the app stores. There is an app spotted named ToTok that was spying people without letting them know about it. The Messaging App ToTok is being researched in order to see if the app is spying people or not.

The app was removed from the app store and the Google Play Store. Some US official carried investigation and concluded that ToTok was using some surveillances tool. This app was launched in July and was extremely popular in UAE as other messaging apps like WhatsApp etc are banned in the country already. Being a cheap alternative, this app was widely used until now.

Messaging App ToTok is spying Users from UAE

However, researchers revealed that the app is doing what is has already told it will do. The apps need to access user’s microphone, camera, photos, location and contacts due to which it can easily spy users.

“It is really the genius of the whole mass surveillance operation: no exploits, no backdoors, no malware. You don’t need to hack people to spy on them if you can get people to willingly download this app to their phone,” 

The app has stated that it is normal to access all these things in the user’s mobile as it helps them to make the overall usage easy and favourable for users. However, the app is removed from the app store for rebelling against “unspecified policies”.

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