Microsoft Introduces Hidden Fingerprint Sensor in it’s Modern Keyboard

Microsoft has unveiled its new Modern Keyboard with a finger print sensor for the first time. This is a very good addition for many people who want to keep their gadgets secure. Microsoft Introduces Hidden Fingerprint Sensor in it’s Modern Keyboard.

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This new replacement for the Modern surface keyboard allows user to scan a fingerprint. One can scan fingerprint by pressing a button to log in to Windows 10 account.

Microsoft Introduces Hidden Fingerprint Sensor in it’s Modern Keyboard

The same method can be used to access other website that use Windows Hello. This button blends perfectly with other keys on Modern Keyboard. In this way it is less visible and in a way hidden too. The new Modern keyboard can be plugged in as well however the old keyboard could be used via Bluetooth.

Microsoft said:

Much like Apple’s keyboard, the new model has “Chiclet”-style keys and aluminum frame that’s heavy and “virtually indestructible

According to Microsoft, the new technology will be launched soon and for the price of $129.99. The best thing about this keyboard is that it is not only applicable with Windows. This Modern Keyboard can also be used with MacOS and other latest Android versions.

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